Turning Slow


The corporate job advertisements seem to love this word. Ability to multitask is like a slow suicide. Depriving you from focus, joy, sucking out life from you. I know all about it. I’ve been there. I’ve decided to undergo some changes. But not overnight. Slow life requires slow changes.

Having a fancy job at the age of thirty-something, I was constantly tired and stressed. Fancy jobs usually, apart from nice salary, carries responsibility. Flexibility. Stress. And more stress. I was travelling every two weeks to Belgium, waking up at 4.30, grabbing Starbucks breakfast at the airport, catching a train at Brussels train station. Few hours later I had to be all ready and smiley. In full form, instantly responding to emails.

My brain was slow. I had no concentration, I was switching from task to task, getting instant messages from my boss, if an email was not answered within 3o minutes. This was wrong. And I was miserable. It turned out that it has a lot to do with my leaky gut and multiple food intolerance’s. My brain was toxic. I was not able to multitask. After coming back home from work, I had to talk to my kid, cook, have more smile on my face and pretend that I was managing my life.

Which was a lie. I was not managing. My health was in bad condition. I was starting to realize, that multitasking does not exist. And all attempts are futile and like shooting your own feet.

Decisions, Decisions

One morning I promised to myself, that one headache more and I will go to the doctor. I was lucky, because I got another headache. The doctor apart from being GP, was a gastrologist as well. Found the root cause. Did not prescribed any painkillers. Put me on probiotics and vitamins. Warned me that is going to be difficult, sent to nutritionist. And here I am. With my fridge filled with veggies.

I have changed job. It is not fancy anymore, I don’t travel. I don’t eat out. I’ve became working housemother. My diet has been totally transformed. I only eat unprocessed, fresh, local organic food. No dairy, no gluten.¬†Yes, few times I cried in the kitchen, holding white, warm bun and covering it with homemade butter. Yes, I was smelling people’s food. Yes it was (and still is) most of the time a struggle.

Phone is on flight mode at work. I keep a prioritized list of things to do. No switching between tasks anymore. Focus. As I sit between customer service working in English, between Danish and French speakers, I made a deal with my boss, and book a room whenever I am too distracted. I pray and meditate. And drink maximum one cup of coffee per day. And most of all I sleep. Sometimes I’m in bed at 9 p.m. And finally I feel like getting in touch with myself.


Some awesome things happened since I changed my lifestyle. Energy level has increased. Concentration is back. The post-lunch sleepy time is gone. Mood swings (that might have indicated deeper psychological issues) have disappeared. Completely. Generally I have more power to face the world (even though I am writing this post from under a duvet, with handkerchief in my hand). But regaining the sharpness of thinking is one of the best. Maybe I will not become a genius, but I know that it is only beginning. I like being slow. I like taking my coffee, sitting with an interior magazine. Living slow life.


Not reaching any target.

Be in connection with myself.


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  1. Thank you for writing this post. It’s very inspirational for me… Grazie mille

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