Being tourist in my own town – Cliff Townhouse hotel

I was lucky to get a great present from my previous coworkers on my leaving day.

The present was a voucher to the amazing, one of the most expensive hotels in Dublin: Cliff Townhouse Hotel.

As I live far away from the city center I got an idea that I can book a room and spend the night over there avoiding commuting at least for one time.

The hotel has his own special character with long history starting in 17th-century. The building was owned by number of Irish most famous families.  Many interesting people stayed in the house through the centuries, including Samuel Beckett and James Joyce.

The entrance of the hotel:


The reception desk:


The room on the top floor:


Hotel’s restaurant which is very busy during dinner, very quiet during breakfast:




It is the hotel worth seeing, not necessarily worth spending the money. The rooms prices from €189.00 per night for double room with breakfast depending on the dates. Was there anything unusual compare to other hotels I have seen so far? I can say exceptional cleanliness. I already saw great services and great kitchens. The huge disadvantage – the size of the room, extremely small, thanks that my bed fit in there 😉


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