Embrace the Inner Child


The air smells with an autumn rain. The weather in Ireland gets even more crazy than usual. This is why we’re hiding behind TV screens more often.

I’m trying to be reasonable and control what my daughter is watching. But this is a huuuuge challenge. Not because she spends too much time in front of television, but because it is hard to find something that doesn’t aesthetically relate to ponies/Disney Princess/Sponge Bob. After browsing half of Netflix library I found “Little Prince”.

It is refreshed story based on classic, that I believe everyone knows. When I had to read it in primary school, I didn’t understand everything. Maybe I was not mature enough? But I found myself sitting with my 6-year-old daughter and it seems she totally grasp the idea, what Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry was trying to tell us. So she is sitting next to me, crying that she doesn’t want to grow up. She doesn’t want to become one of those gray, sad adult that is working towards realizing a plan, that doesn’t even belong to her. Because she still pays attention what’s around her and when we’re taking a bus, she counts people with their faces glued to mobile phones.

For us, so proudly called “grown-ups”, the modern twist of “Little Prince” is a mirror. We can see in it what we don’t want to become. It reminds us what is important and that selling your souls to corporate life, being constantly useful and super productive from dawn till sunrise is not always the best idea for life.

My daughter still pays attention. And sums up: “Mum, this is not a real life”.

So if you are in doubt what to watch with your child, or if you just have a doubt about the way you’re leaving, watch “Little Prince” directed by Mark Osborne.


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