Kitchen Island made from Ikea parts

Ikea Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands usually cost fortune. Mine costed me 106 euros. Was made from the Ikea parts and inspired by Ikea hack described in here.

With the spring the days became longer. It’s finally bright in the morning and bright when I am back from work. With the sunny, warmer days I wanted to make some changes to our apartment. I did not want to spend a fortune, but make it more “hygge”.
The kitchen we have does not have enough worktops so I got this idea of adding more by creating the kitchen island.
I am freak about healthy eating. I cook and prepare food every day. Not having enough space was making me angry.

To build the kitchen island you will need:

Ikea Parts

I built the shelf, screwed the castors and at the end glued two chopping boards on the top of the Kallax Shelving unit.
Additionally I used one insert with two drawers and insert with door.

Ikea Kitchen Island

The result is fantastic!
I enjoy it to be in the kitchen more than ever before.

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