La Palma – the heavenly Canary island

The holiday time came and we decided to visit one of the Canaries island – La Palma. The March and April are still very cold in Ireland. After long dark winter we were looking for sunny, warm place. 10 hours flight was not an option as I am terrified of flying. The decision was made to go to Canaries, only 4 hours away from Ireland. We already saw Lanzarote and Tenerife before, but La Palma was calling us this time.

Some reasons you need to visit the island:

Canary Food

As a food lover it will be my first advantage of visiting the place. Do not expect to eat many Canaries cousins in the hotel if you decide to stay in one of them. Look for a local restaurante and try the real Canaries food.

1. Papas Arrugadas. Potato boiled in salted water (with skin) served with two souces, green majo and red majo. So simple and so delicious. I could not stop eating it until the end of holidays.

2. Grilled goat cheese queso fresko. Just wow, soft, tasty and full of proteins.

3. Bananas. Canaries islands are full of banana plantations. I did not feel any difference from the one I already ate before. At least they were fresh. What we learn is that bananas needs to be on the tree for at least 4 months before they are cut off.


The views are exceptional. The island is full of different landscapes. South looking like a moon, north-west extremely green. In one time you can see four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.
The island contains many mirador view points from which you can admire the nature.


Leaving in the city is associated with polluted air. When we walked on La Palma the air was extremely fresh and clear. I could really feel the difference while breathing.


La Palma is known as a center of astronomy. Thanks to the clear air, very low traffic and no lightning coming from the cities, you can observe the sky with very high visibility of stars and the moon.
There are many telescopes on the island. More about it in here:

Atantic Ocean/Natural Pools

Clear water, huge waves are all I can think of when looking at the ocean on La Palma. It was hard to get into the water as it was dangerous with 6 meters waves. In spite of all we still could enjoy the water from the beaches we visited and natural pools we swam in.

Some additional information:

It is worth renting a car. It will help you to move around faster and you will get to wherever you want. We rented a car from Cicar. Very good value with full insurance included.

There are direct flights from UK, but if you do not have direct flights to La Palma, you can get to one of the Canary islands and then fly with their local air operator Binter Canarias.

More about the La Palma island in here.

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