Lesson from Frank

I’m watching “Californication” and it breaks my heart. Not because everybody is sleeping with everybody. Not because is showing how adults might be confused in their own adult, immature way. It breaks my heart because it pictures what we are longing the most.

Miss it All

Apparently, we are not longing binge drinking and sex. We are not missing getting into compulsive shopping or any behaviour of this kind. Frank Moody is “living proof”  that it doesn’t work. But we, adults, instead of doing what Frank does, we stumble doing the same, but without his exaggeration.

Family of?

We miss the same thing. We miss this concept of the perfect family, two parents with a child, living under the same roof. Surrounded by love, laughter and whatever is in our not-so-smart heads.  I’ve been there. In fact, I’m currently walking not too far from that place. It’s one the way to church. Sometimes I found the way, sometimes I’m lost even more. On the way just to feel something.

What to do with Empathy

So I feel there for Frank. I luckily happen to have a beautiful daughter just as he has. She is a smartass as well. And her father that doesn’t live under the same roof. But we were happy once. It’s hard to remember and even harder to admit. But it’s a fact of facts. So why am I so hostile? Bursting with rage? I guess I’m just hurt, as Karen is. But from different reasons. I guess all families broke because someone just got hurt a little too much.


One of my friends said recently that it was not till he moved to Dublin, that he found out, that some of his mates are coming from broken families. He’s coming from a small town. Proper Catholic family, no broken hearts on parents side. I firmly believe that it helped him to stay innocent. But here we are, the big city which still blurbs with the countryside aftertaste. It brings me hope, that maybe, maybe one day the puzzles will be put back together. Maybe from other packs…and this aftertaste will become happily ever after. Isn’t it what Frank wanted?

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