Minimalism Made Easy

January is a resolution month. I’ve decided to become a minimalist. Make more change. Declutter. Be more persistent and create some space for my head.

Wake-up Call

I woke up and there were two clothes dryers taking over the apartment. The apartment consists from living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. But it mainly consists of things. This is the story of my subsequent attempt to become a minimalist.

I look around with a feeling of suffocation. I cleaned up just the day before. What happened during the night, remains mystery to me. So here I am – stuck between toys, movies, books, clothes… The list is endless. In the middle of clutter, that masterly is taking over my living space. I had hundreds of mornings like this, but I’ve just reached the fed-up-point. I have to clean it, because human beings need space to think. And need space to breathe.

Real Minimalists

A while ago I came across of a Ted Talk from The Minimalists and it really resonated with me. I like their blog, because they don’t write about foundations, don’t take pictures of a coffee bought at Starbucks and tell how amazing (and artificial) their life is. They run a space from which you can learn and benefit.


I was always against any internet challenges, where people are posting pictures of their accomplishments just to get some likes. Always tagged with motivation hashtag. From 1st of January, I am taking part in a challenge called MinsGame. Idea comes from The Minimalists. Basically together with another person, you start to get rid of things – on the first day – one thing leaves your house, on second – two and so on… till the end of the month. I am doing it with a new encountered friend from Instagram, avoiding harassing my friends.


There comes a question – why I am doing it? Why do I post progress of the challenge if consider challenges rather embarrassing? The answer is simple – to get me started and to have a feeling of embarrassment in case I will not stick to my commitment. It is a human nature. You just keep going, waiting for your motivation to become internal,


It sounds easy and fun and mostly it is. At least for the first half of the month. Then it starts for real…

I’m getting rid of items that  use from time to time. The “from time to time” is a great indicator of unnecessary. I have learnt not to analyse what those things are doing there. Most probably they are just sitting. Try not to defend existence of all that avoidable clutter.

Remember, this is an ongoing project. It will not end with the one bag that you brought to charity. If I make it till the end of the month, I will buy myself a bottle of good gin and some fancy tonic water.

Remember. One shelf at a time. One bag per walk.


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