Handmade Christmas Cards

Personalized Handmade Christmas Cards are the first sign of coming Christmas. It is one of my favorites seasons even the snowman never visit Ireland or visit it very rarely. It is a time when I put my hands into more artistic activities. As I live far away from my close family and friends, every year I send them Christmas wishes by post. It is very old habit and I still want to continue it. This year I decided to make my own Christmas cards.

I found making cards very relaxing. It actually help practice the patience 🙂

I spent two days fighting with glue and paper. Waiting for watercolor paints to dry. I became the best friend with scissors and I even got hurt once. Anyway… I am sure it was worth it.

A person gifted with this type of card will feel very special.

3 types of cards were produced using:

1. Color Fineliners

Fineliner Cards


2. Watecolour pencils

Watercolour Pencils Cards

Watercolour Pencils Cards

3. Paper and glue

Handmade Paper Chrsitmas Cards

Handmade Paper Chrsitmas Cards


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