Silence is Golden


Imagine this incredible silence. All you can hear is your brief. In the distance the birds are singing and from time to time fly comes close to see who you are. It is a finally a place you can focus, can stay still. No interruptions. Only you and the nature.

I love coming back to Poland. I enjoy Ireland a lot. But Poland is the place I grow up and huge part of me is always going to be there. When I am coming back I know I am home. There is a different air smell, especially during the summer. I can feel it in the air. It’s a mixture of flowers, the forest and the soil.

I am in the forest, very far away on the east. I can finally rest, slow down and enjoy. So much in so little. Small insects rustle in the litter. There is nobody around. No cars, rush or decisions to make. This is the place I go in my mind when I feel lonely or stressed. This home and it will always be.


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