Such a Perfect Day

The NovemberĀ temperatures are alternating with few sunny days. Girls would like to wear shades and short skirts and have tanned legs. Instead, they are wearing sausage dresses and paint their legs with an instant tan from a tube. I feel privileged to join them in order to relax and consume alcoholic beverages on Friday.


And when the morning comes there is more time for breakfast and for a walk. The town stinks with urine, but it doesn’t matter. It offers ice creams, juice and opportunity to people-watch. It makes me curious again. It looks so beautiful when the sun is getting through the clouds. The young mothers are carrying their newborns wrapped close to them. Tourists are posing for pictures. Locals are nursing hangovers.


The town offers a piece of green grass. To walk barefoot. To lie on. It offers welcoming shoulder to rest your head on. The World feels great again, more spacious, allowing the oxygen to multiply in the lungs. It’s easy to miss this moment, walk past the arms that want to hug you. They were always there. Constantly missed, unseen and ignored. But not today.

So I want to cherish this moment. The little of sunshine. The green grass. The walk. The chat. I feel courageous just to notice. This is what my town gives me askingĀ for nothing in exchange. The town is home now.

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