Sunday Pleasure Hunt


I love the place that I live in. I learnt in Ireland to be happy with 15 minutes of sunshine. I learnt to have a picnic in a rain (drizzle maybe). One of the usual spots to spent time locally in the rain is Peoples Park in Dun Laoghaire. The crappier weather, the greater chance to get better food and a spot for a blanket.

Apart from all the (overpriced) food that you can get there, few are frequently visited by me.

1. The winner is McNally Farm
Those guys are the masters of fresh produce. From salads, through vegetables, to yogurts. I have their beetroots taking over my kitchen currently. They sell only seasonal produce, so do not go there if you need organic bananas or tomatoes in the middle of the winter. You need to hurry though, as after 11 you might not get the nicest pieces, as there are more fans of their produce. You might get a snail in the cabbage for free. But who cares? Sharing is caring!


2. The Truffle Fairy

My relationship with cocoa grain is going on, since my family got Milka is packages sent to my home country from the West. Me and my sister used to collect aluminium foil as there was not much to collect at that time. As an adult I remember having to run away from a cocoa farm in Ghana, after eating fresh cocoa pulp and being seen by the owner. I cannot get here my favorite chocolate from Ghana called Kingsbite, but I can get something really special produced in Ireland.
The Truffle Fairy has stolen my heart and taste buds completely. Instead of having a bar of greasy, sugary monster from the convenient stores, have a little treat that will will melt your heart. And that will melt your taste buds as well.


3. Organic Meat

Recently I’ve become a meat lover. It’s because I’m constantly hungry and my hunger leads me to get some protein.
The truck doesn’t look exciting, but have hidden treasures. So if you like a good burger, or don’t despise lamb, try to buy more rarely, but best quality you can afford. You will literary taste the difference. The meat is organic and doesn’t have this strange, supermarket smell. For all gluten-intolerance sufferers – you can get here amazing sausages without taking risk of being unwell after eating. In the fridge, there is always hidden unpasteurized milk. It’s usually gone on Wednesday, so I developed a habit of making crepes for my daughter. I haven’t had a chance to try them, but they are always thick and shiny and reminds me of my childhood holidays on my grandparents farm.




4. Crazy stuff from Wild About
Few years ago, when I was rather timid in the kitchen, then I came across the nettle pesto. This year’s discovery is marrow marmalade. The little ones will fell in love with the raspberry jam, which has added vanilla. The vanilla is not only listed on the label, but it added in the quantity, that can be easily tasted (great to spread on superfat crepes). More jewels can be found on Wild About stand, like syrups, chutneys, dressings. It’s a shame to say, but they are better than homemade…



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