Superpower Soup – Chicken Broth

Traditional Dinner Approach

Karolina was writing about chicken broth as a remedy to cold and flu. In fact, this soup has more superpowers. This is Polish Sunday dish, usually followed by potatoes, meat and sauerkraut salad. Eastern European are born with this rich liquid running in their veins. I support my home-country tradition and simmer it every weekend. I remember as a child, choosing a cock for a Sunday dinner, and my grandfather cutting his heads off with an axe. The poor headless animal was running around. This childhood trauma enabled me to build closer relationship with my food, as I used to feed and bring water for them.


I source the meat and bones (yes – bones) from my secret source. We are not close enough my dear reader, to reveal all secrets. The main thing is – buy organic. If you want to add some beef bones, try to order them from FX Buckley. Each cow has a birth certificate, they don’t use antibiotics, and most of all they sell only grass-fed beef. Bones are not stocked, so you need to order them in advance. Be careful, last time when I interrogated the butcher, he thought I wanted to invite him for a cup of coffee…

The soup is slow to digest, but… it helps to heal the leaky gut problem. It means that it will help you digest food properly, if eaten often. This magic liquid helps also build strong immune system. If you have problems with joints and ligaments, it is the greatest choice you can make. Thanks to collagen, your skin will get a healthy glow.

What do you need – ingredients 

1 organic chicken carcass

beef bone (optional)

2 carrots

3 celery sticks

1 parsnip

3 kale leaves

2 onions

3 bay leaves

1 garlic clove

thumb-size ginger piece

piece of fresh turmeric





Peel the onions and cut them in halves. Burn them over a gas stove or place them on electric stove. Place the bones in a big pot, cover with water and add all veggies and herbs. do not peel carrots and parsnips – just clean them under the water, as there are soil bacteria that helps your guts to function properly. Just do it in kid-like style – eating with soil in between your teeth. Now you need to bring it to the boil and and reduce heat, so it will simmer. You need to do it as long as your patience will let you. 12 hours is optimal. The broth can be reduced to create stock and become base to many Monday soups.

The clear chicken soup is present in many cultures. You can also add dumplings, special egg pasta (preferably homemade) or beef koftas! In Jewish version is served with matzah balls, in Amazon is made from defensive bird called puka-kunga (it’s not simmered, just boiled and pretty disgusting). Similar soup is served in Asia and South America.

Whatever your preference is, you are eating really international cuisine. And you are helping to preserve tradition.





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