Dublin, the city where the music lives – Sing Street

I really do not like films with the dramatic end. More dramatic the end is more awards the film gets.
Sing Street is different. Is full of positive vibes, love, friendship and music.

As a foreign in Dublin I love watching Irish movies and learn more about country I live in.
This time was not disappointing again.

Sing streets tells a story of teenagers living in Dublin in eighties.
The main character Cosmo set up a band to win the hearth of model and escape from problems he is facing at home and at school.
Suddenly moved from the private to a public catholic school, his parents in the middle of the marriage break down and in love for the first time. Bullying and abusing by schoolmates and by school teacher. The rescue was the music. The musical inspiration was coming from Cosmo older brother. He had a great taste of music and motivated younger brother to continue making something great and incredible.

John Carney pictured poor Irish society with a dream of immigrating to London for better life.

I loved all teens outfit appearing in the movie based on the music they followed, Joe Jackson and the Cure or Duran Duran.
I enjoyed also landscapes of Dublin streets, Dalkey Island, Dun Laoghaire. Some scenes were filmed in Dart with beautiful view of Irish Sea.

It’s the movie worth seeing and one of them which will stay in my memory for longer.





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