The sun above the clouds

The sun above the clouds

I have these days that everything is shit. From the minute you leave the house. You get wet on the way to work, then colleague attacked you even you have not got to your desk yet and have not taken off the jacket yet. When the meeting is not going the way you wanted. When everyone is rude and unpolite. Somebody is taking a credit for the work you do. You have no time to clean your house. Sometimes is so bad, so depressing. You feel you are sinking down.

But then you meet this one person who says: “Karolina, this is only one day, it does not mean your whole life looks like this.”

And suddenly it’s getting better, you realize you have friends, that the real life is going on out there. That people are laughing, kids playing, the sun is shining above the clouds.

We all have down moments, we are as we are just human beings. It can be shit, but it won’t last forever and we are not on our own. We all have support.

Keep your head up.

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