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We all want to be happy and healthy. Human beings are able to pay any money to live longer. We can hear and read about cancer being the leading cause of death worldwide. The number of new cancer cases will rise to 22 million within the next two decades. More statistics:
Society is terrified and it is more aware than diet has a huge impact on our health. Not only causing cancers but also diabetes, heart disease or arthritis.

Food impact not only our psychical health but also our mental health.

Eating Clean

It’s not a surprise that the trend of “eating clean” began. There are thousands of diets you can follow. There are thousands of books written about it.

What scares me, is the fact that writers are not even qualified in nutrition, they experiment on their own bodies and then convince other to do the same.

I am a freak about homemade food. I love eating and enjoying every bite. I eat a lot, I am 163cm height and weigh 52kg. I exercise twice a week. What is my secret?

Secret – Eat Organic and Seasonal

It’s super simple. Eat organic, eat fresh and regularly. I read lot’s of books about food but I always focus on the one that I can trust. The author needs to be qualified and experienced.

I try to eat seasonally, so depends on the time of the year I would eat differently. I do not believe in coconut oil, quinoa, kale, chia and goji berries. I think it’s all marketing and bullshit. Instead of them, I eat olive oil or butter, cabbage, millet and dry blackberries. When autumn comes, I have lot’s of pumpkin, cabbage, carrot, etc. During the summer I enjoy salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans. Every Sunday I go to Dun Laoghaire People Park and buy the vegetables from McNally Farm, which Bozenka described in this post about Sunday pleasure Hunt

Since I started eating organic, my hair got stronger, my nails grow faster, my skin looks better. There are so many advantages of eating good quality food. When I have to buy in the market, I cannot even smell the lemon or tomato. I think it’s like a plastic food. Still expensive and providing the little number of nutritional values.

Cut the gluten

Some time ago I also cut the gluten, not because of the fashion, but thanks to this I eat more vegetables. I used to eat sandwiches for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner. It was too much. I still eat rye bread and granola for breakfast, sometimes. I do not eat white bread or rolls, which again, has no nutritional value. I do not eat pasta, pizza, cookies, cakes or anything made from wheat.

Years ago wheat had nutrition value, but then it was GMO modified, some chemicals were added to keep the grains longer and fresher.

Eat mindfully

Most of the time we eat in rush, we do not even look at the plate. Some people eat in front of the TV, swallowing the portion without enjoying it really. I do it sometimes too, but I am aware how important is the concentration on each bite is. Easly pay attention to the way you eat.

As soon as you start eating healthy, you won’t have cravings for junk food. It comes naturally. Your brain and whole body will choose what is good for you.

Healthy Organic Eating

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  1. So true with this quinoa, Himalayan salt, etc.. you don’t have to follow a food fashion and spend ton of money on it and I like eat seasonal food idea because this is how our ancestors used to eat and our body evolved to that.

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