Vladimir & Anton

Vladamir and Anton

I always loved the classical music.

My experience with the violin

When I was 7 years old I used to play the violin. The music school was very far away from the village I lived in. I was too small to travel alone and my parents could not do it as they already had a lot responsibilities. After a year of hard work I stopped. I was tired and could not do it for any longer. I played for a fun for the next few months and then my hobby just died over time. Finally my violin was sold. I was too big for it anyway. (The violin size depends on the person size).

For my husband birthday I got this amazing idea of buying the tickets for the live concert of Vladimir and Anton in Pavilion Theater in DĂșn Laoghaire. I did not know them before. I just saw two nice, friendly, happy faces on the picture of the repertoire and something was calling us to go.

The show

Vladimir and Anton are two brothers born in Slovakia with Russian roots. They were growing up with house full of music becoming classical violin masters.

During the concert all old memories came back to me. I got very emotional during the show. Vladimir and Anton played well known music and my hearth started beating faster. It was two hours of amazing classical music full of passion. For one or two pieces I shed tears. I enjoyed it so much that actually began thinking of going back to the violin. I love the deep emotional sound. Vladimir and Anton are extraordinary artists. There is so much energy in them. They enjoy playing and the audience. I strongly believe that they can make their dream to come true and achieve the international recognition.

Vladimir and Anton

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