What reality are you creating for yourself?

We always behave properly. This is how the educational institutions thought us, this is what our parents thought us. With propriety we kill the creativity and authenticity. We pretend to be someone else instead of just being ourselves. We keep our emotions, our craziness, we think about every step we take, every word we say.
We are judged everywhere at school, in work, on the street, in the coffee shop.

Exactly like it was filmed in one of the Black Mirrors episodes: Nosedive. Every person is judged with the rating from 1 to 5. Higher the rate then higher the status in the society. But who determines the rules?

When I hear somebody talking loudly on the mobile in public transport I want to say: “I am not interested in the gossips I’m just hearing about your friends”, actually my real me wants to just shout “shout up”. Instead of this I sit and listen every word, even I try super hard to do not hear it. I am exhausted of pretending, but I still do not do anything about it.
When I am happy and want to dance walking on the street. I am not doing it as this is improper, weird behavior. What other people would say, what if my boss see me doing it? I restrain myself from doing it.
I am not able to speak up at work as I am afraid that my colleagues say my opinion is stupid.

All restrictions, rules, the society shape who we are. Today I was thinking why? Why should I bother what other see? Why am I restraining myself? I think the reason is the fear. The fear of rejection, of being rated less than 2.
Because this fear I cannot reach my full potential and live the life fully.

It is a time to stop and use the full potential. We know who we truly are. Deeply inside this real me finally is ready to go out and start living the real live.

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